Burnin’ Brews started out as a fun thing to do-making candles to pass the time during the pandemic while not working- as well as making gifts for friends at Christmas. Previously a massage therapist, Katie loved the idea of still being able to work with her hands, albeit in a different setting. She loves candles (along with beer of course!) and although loved her hobby, she didn’t think of doing anything else with it. Her friends convinced her otherwise, and Burnin’ Brews was born.

Katie grew up overseas when she was younger and while she considers Northern Va “mostly” her home, she currently resides in Charlottesville, VA with strong connections to many breweries in the state. Starting Burnin’ Brews in one of the biggest craft brewing areas in Virginia was a happy coincidence and has connected her even more with her friends in the brewing industry, as well as making new ones. 

The candles sold on the website are hand poured with soy wax in cleaned recycled beer cans that Katie has accumulated over the years.

All cans featured have received approval from their respective breweries as Burnin’ Brews feels it is extremely important to support and respect the breweries name as well as their label and artwork. 

On her off days, Katie spends most of her time trying new beers, hanging out with friends and her wild dog, Bear, as well as hiking and traveling as much as possible.

We hope you enjoy the site and hope that the candle(s) you purchase bring back great memories-whether from the fragrance or the can.